Blue Cloud Farm was founded by me, Kim Michel, after ten years of work and learning on other farms, in gardens, and greenhouses.  Though my interest in the farm world initially was in growing food, flowers and ornamentals captured more of my attention with each season.  After moving to midcoast Maine in 2007 and settling into the community, I recognized there were already many talented farmers providing amazing food to the area.  With my interest in flower growing and floral design having reached the level of serious passion, I decided to start my own farm and floral design business in 2012.

With support and help from a small team of people (and in the first two years from the MOFGA Journeyperson program), the farm and floral design business has grown through five successful seasons so far and is currently swimming in the beauty of the sixth.

 I am so thrilled to continue to grow and arrange flowers for this awesome community of flower-lovers.  Thank you for valuing and appreciating the unique beauty of seasonal and locally-grown flowers!